ceramic petal ring for support media

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It is an ideal support media.Owing to its unique structure enables an upper support layer with a typical diameter of 11.5 mm to effectively retain a bed of 1.6 mm catalyst without any migration into the support layer. This eliminates the need for micro-sized spherical support balls, reduces the number of support layers needed, reduces pressure drop and increases the space available for catalyst or adsorbent in the process reactor. In addition, Wave type shape ensure sufficient gaps between the packings to promote air’s freedom flow. Also overcome packig bed’s unevenly heat destribution phenomenon happening.

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Typical Application

It is used in air separation pre-purifiers, natural gas dehydration, hydroprocessing and other petrochemical applications.


1: Reduced support media volume may free up valuable space in the reactor for more catalyst

2: Greater catalyst capacity can improve reactor performance

3: Layers of costly small spheres may be eliminated, resulting in a lower fill cost

4: The unique shape and reduction of layers can decrease pressure drop by 50% across the support media

5: Fewer support media layers mean a faster, less complicated loading

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