Employee Training

Dr. Qian from Tsinghua University 's knowledge sharing and training

On April 28, In order to enrich the knowledge reserve of the staff and strengthen their understanding of professional knowledge, Aite mass Transfer Technology Co.,LTD specially invited teachers from Tsinghua University to give us lessons.

The lecture by the company leadership organization, got the attention of many cadres and staff Tsinghua teachers with their many years of experience and rich experience, to explain a lot of professional knowledge, platform and clear, focused, clear theme, brings a door to employee a chance, and tsinghua university's teacher face to face, let a person benefit, the scene atmosphere is very active.

Finally, it ended in the warm applause of the staff. We sincerely look forward to the arrival of teachers next time.


Safety training against worker at the production line

Recently, our company has carried out a main theme of “production promotion · safety training” for workers to conduct safety training, safety management is one of the most basic work, but also to ensure safety production conditions, in order to better strengthen and improve the company's safety production management.

The fire safety training for the actual work and life encountered in some fire safety problems were analyzed and explained, for the improper operation of the place, timely to explain and correct to enhance the training personnel to deal with and control the initial fire ability, improve fire safety awareness, implement the idea of “prevention first, prevention and elimination combined”.

The training emphasizes fire safety four capacity construction, education staff to have the ability to eliminate hidden trouble early fire organization escape fire propaganda; It also emphasizes that the knowledge of fire safety can be understood four times, so that employees can understand the importance of fire safety and learn how to deal with fire.


Fire Safety Training

To implement the government popularize knowledge of fire safety requirements of production safety, strengthen the employee in the event of a fire self-help ability, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, ensure employees property against losses on July 16th afternoon company organization conducted fire safety knowledge training, And invited teacher Huang From pingxiang city fire propaganda center to our company to preach.

Instructor Huang carefully prepared the relevant teaching plan, introduced the relevant safety knowledge in detail, combined with the past cases occurred around, analyzed the cause of the accident and the correct approach, comprehensively and systematically taught the fire safety knowledge, especially the correct fire extinguishing method and the choice of fire extinguisher

The training lecture was in the form of check-in, which stimulated the employees' interest and enthusiasm in learning, and also improved their awareness of fire fighting and their skills in dealing with fire.


Welding Technical Training

According to the relevant requirements of the company's post training, in order to further improve the skills of our employees and ensure the successful completion of the next stage of work, the welding technology training was carried out in the conference room on July 13th. Factory director Liu gave the lecture, and many employees participated in the training

Director Liu combined his profound theoretical knowledge with practical experience, explained in a simple way, and answered the questions of the present staff in detail. All the staff listened carefully and had a strong learning atmosphere in the class, and they all benefited a lot.

This training is of great significance to promote the optimization and upgrading of staff quality, but also to steadily improve the skill level of the whole factory staff, improve production efficiency and product quality, meet the strategic needs of enterprise development, and promote the production work in an all-round way.