FPRH desulfurization packing for coking plant

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FPRH desulfurization packing is made of synthetic plastic injection molding. The formula can be adjusted according to different working conditions to achieve the best effect. It completely replaces the light porcelain fillers commonly used before. The light porcelain has high water absorption, fragile, high resistance and small specific surface area. our invented Sculpture desulfurization packing can be used repeatedly, with large specific surface area and large ventilation capacity, and its effectiveness is twice that of light porcelain. Especially in the process of maintenance,the light porcelain filler becomes solid waste, indirectly increase processing cost of solid waste.However,FPRH desulfurization packing has fullly avoided this phenomenon happening. At the same time, it will regard as recycled-resource to secondary utilize.

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widely used in petroleum, coking, power generation, chemical fertilizer, synthetic ammonia and other coal chemical and fine chemical industries. It is used as filler in the chemical process of gas purification such as desulfurization, washing, debenzylation, dealkylation, ammonia distillation, refining, absorption, drying and synthesis. The product has a long service life and large operation flexibility.


1. The diamond honeycomb design induces turbulent mixing between the air and water to maximize heat and moisture transfer.

2. The open cell design is best for optimal air and water flow with low pressure drops and enhanced thermal performance by promoting contact between the air and water with minimal resistance to the air flow.

3. When the liquid drop falls down along with packing surface, it is very easy to liquid film. Therefore, Gas & liquid contacting ways is Droplet or film contacting. Absorption efficiency is largely be improved.

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