High strength Packing and catalyst supporg gird

Short Description:

Support plate/Support grid must meet the following requirements:

1. High degree of permeability for both gas and liquid.

2. High degree of stability with low own weight.

3. Availability in various types of material to suit different corrosion levels.

4. Easy installation in the column.

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Support Grid

Support grid provide the most efficient means to introduce gas to the bottom of the packed bed and reduce initial pressure drop & vessel height requirement.It is not only used in support packing or liquid attached packing’s weight,but ensure that upward gas will pass through smoothly. Therefore, enough strength & rigidity is very important. Of course, when free cross-sectional area is less than 50% of tower area, it is very easy to cause flooding phenomena. Support Grid is shaped and designed to provide maximum open area such that there is minimum resistance to gas flow. Therefore,enough support strength & Large throughput is very important. In addition, column diameter,design load,packing type,liquid hold up,system corrosivity and so on also influnce support grid's design.

All support grid rest directly on a support ring since the weight of the packing is sufficient to keep the support plate in place. If required however, they can be clamped to the ring.

Product Material

Depending on the application, Packing support grid can be made in various metals and plastics.


SS304, SS316L, Q235B, other materials on request.


PP, GFPP, PVDF, PE all is available.

We can according to project's detailed requirements and select support grids type to meet the detailed need.

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