Honeycomb shape plastic support Block

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Used in petroleum, coking, power generation, chemical fertilizer, synthetic ammonia and other coal chemical and fine chemical industries, in the gas purification process of desulfurization, washing, debenzene, de-washing ammonia, fine, absorption, drying, hair synthesis and other chemical processes The filler in the process is widely used in various water towers as a cool water filler.

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Size mm


Surface area m²/m³

Void ratio %







1. The diamond honeycomb design induces turbulent mixing between the air and water to maximize heat and moisture transfer.

2. The open cell design is best for optimal air and water flow with low pressure drops and enhanced thermal performance by promoting contact between the air and water with minimal resistance to the air flow.

When the liquid drop falls down along with packing surface, it is very easy to liquid film. Therefore, Gas & liquid contacting ways is Droplet or film contacting. Absorption efficiency is largely be improved.

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