Liquid collection redistributor

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Liquid collector’s major function is collecting the liquid and re-distributing the gas. Usually, liquid collector is in the top of packing bed. The distance between liquid collector & packing bed is 150-200 mm.When the liquid falling down along with packing,due to upward gas’s speed is not same, gas’s speed toward center is big and toward tower wall is small. It is very easy to form wall flow phenomenon. In order avoid of wall flow phenomenon’s happened and improve mass transfer efficiency, we should install liquid collector or liquid re-distributor to improve liquid’s evenly distribution. Of course, according to different processing requirement, we can install one or many Liquid collectors in the different height’s position.

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1. Bio hole rate,small gas resistance

2. Easy to installation

3. Good vapor distribution

4. Shorten the time of liquid retention

5. Avoid of liquid’s holdup at certain places


Used in the columns to achieve one or more of following purposes:

1: Vapor distribution

2: draw-off a liquid product or pumparound stream or;

3: to combine the liquid from above with a liquid feed to the column before introducing the mixture to a liquid distributor above a packed bed

4: vacuum distillation operation. 

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