Liquid-vapor seperating device Mist Eliminator

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It is is a device often fitted to vapor liquid separator vessels to enhance the removal of liquid droplets entrained in a vapor stream.It is made out of aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel materials. When desulfurized flue gas passing through Metal Mist Eliminator at a certain speed, flue gas will be quickly change movement way. Due to the inertia and centrifugal’s driven, droplet collides with Vane and gather to form water flow. Finally, when droplet forms bigger ones,

It will fall down. The most common process design for Mist eliminator is in a vertical gas flow, but it is also possible to install Mist Eliminator in the horizontal gas flow. The choice of vanes and design is influenced by the system pressure loss, the cleanability of the mist eliminator and the risk off clogging.The mist eliminator system consists of the mist eliminator body and a flushing system. Generally, it is composed of two-level demister body with different specifications, flushing water pipes, nozzles, supporting frames, supporting beams and related connections, fixing parts, and sealing parts.

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1: High defogging efficiency(Under the formal operation, The droplet concentration is less than 75mg/Nm3)

2: The system pressure drop lower than 120pa under 100% flue gas load

3: Vane is working properly under 0.3Mpa water pressure


1: mainly used for gas-liquid separation. It can also be an air filter for gas separation.

2: Also be used as a buffer for various meters in the meter industry, and an electronic shield to prevent electric wave interference.

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