Mass transfer and defogging media Nupac

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Nupac’s Needle shape spherical geometric design creates more bigger surface area so as to effectively capture small droplets in exhaust gas.Meanwhile, creates a lot of bubbles,and improve the aeration pond efficiency of organic wastewater.Compared with volcanic rock, Nupac can provide more surface area, and lighter than Rock.Compared with the biological filter bed,  NUPAC allows a higher superficial flow rate design and a smaller equipment size.

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Nupac breaks the air stream into fine bubbles, resulting in oxygen transfer so efficiently that the system uses only about half the air of conventional fixed-film reactors. The packing has a specific surface area of 38 ft2/ft3, with uniform spacing of the polypropylene rods for easy dislodging of accumulated biofilm.

The packed section is rotated slowly over an airshearing device to control the thickness and age distribution of the attached biofilm, and prevent the development of anaerobic conditions. Although the microbes remain in a high growth phase, they form a fully developed food chain, in which larger organisms consume smaller ones. The net result is more BOD conversion to water and CO2, and less to bio-mass, so that sludge production is minimized.

Technical parameter

Technical parameter

Standard Size

2.5 in

4.5 in

Void ratio



Surface area

55 ft2/ft3

40 ft2/ft3


5.1 lbs/ft3

3.1 lbs/ft3




Packing Factor



Trade Details

Related Trade Information

HS Code



1: Two Super sacks on Fumigation Pallet

2: 100L plastic woven bag on Fumigation Pallet

3: 500*500*500 mm carton on Fumigation Pallet

4: Upon your requirement

Process Method

High temperature firing



Typical Application

Apply in biological, striping,scrubbing,

Mist Eliminator etc..

Production time

7 days against one 20GP container loading quantity

Executive standard

Refer to your detailed requirement


Free samples within 500 Grams


Accept EPC turnkey,OEM/OEM,Mold Customization,Installation&Guidance,Test, Entrusted design service etc.

Typically Application

1: Chlorine stripping

2: Acid Fume Scrubbing

3: Wastewater treatment

4: Biological


1: Higher defogging efficiency

2: Low operating cost

3: High surface area & mass tranfer rate

4: Good Pressure drop

5: Uniform surface density

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