Multi beam support for separating liquid and gas flows

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Multibeam Support is also called hump type Support Plate, one of Standard Tower Internal. Mainly application is support the random packing or structured packing. Multibeam support liquid flux can reach 200m3/m2.h, and the pressure drop is 69Pa. It is suitable for bulk packing of various materials above 16mm. Therefore, the width of the side hole is set to the degree that the packing of 10mm will not leak out. For smaller packing, it can be Put a layer of 300mm high and slightly larger packing on the support plate first, and then pile up smaller packing.

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It is suitable for different packing towers:

1: Absorption tower.

2: Scrubbing tower.

3: Distillation tower.


It was assemble of many support beam units. Each support beam unit has many side pores. The characteristics as follows:

1: Excellent stiffness. High loading capacity to bear the extremely high pressure from packings and flowing liquids.

2: Lightweight and economical. Metallic, plastic, ceramic and graphite materials for choice to suit different environments.

3: Large open area. Stereochemical structure of multi-beam packing can help to enlarge open area, which can reach 100%.

4: Wide range of opening available. Round, slot and various other opening patterns can be customized according to specific condition and requirements.

5: Sectional design. Sectional design is standard for larger towers with manways. And this design make it easy for transporting and installation.

6: Low pressure drop. The liquid and gas are moving through different path to avid the flowing interference. It can remain low pressure drop even under the high liquid and gas loading.

7: Extremely high flux. The flux of liquid and gas of multi-beam packing support is superior to any types of supporting grid.

8: High mass transfer efficiency. Special design make the liquid and gas evenly distributed and ensure the high mass transfer performance for the tower.

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