Multi-layer filter block

Short Description:

Multi-layer filter block was recognized a revolutionary coalescing media which can separate oil from water containing suspended particulate.Large surface area makes it very suitable as a biological support media.Each layer’s densely pore distribution and layers’ interlocking will promote small oil free molecular rapidly contacts with lipophilic surface, finally form a big oil will large shorten oil & water separating time.The vertical rod’s distribution on the bottom of each layer will speed up oil & water fall off quickly and not create any blocking.Above special design make Multi-layer Filter block becomes a kind of ideal carrier used in odor-control scrubbers & oil-water separators.

Product Detail

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Technical Parameter

Size mm

Surface areaft2/ft3

Drip Points

Bulk Density Kg/m3

Smallest Grid Opening

Void ratio %

305*305*305 mm



7.5 lb/ft3


87.8 %

40*40*40 mm

612 m2/m3

No data

170 Kg/m3


No data

Working Principle

Use parallel corrugated plate technology that causes oil droplets to increase in size, and separate more quickly. We offer a unique inclined plate design, called HD Q-PAC. The Q-PAC is made of a structure of interconnecting plates with many crossing points. As the oil/water mixture flows through the separator, new droplets coalesce with retained droplets and form larger droplets. The enlarged droplets rise to the surface and decant from the separator.



Eliminate the need for chemicals in odor-control scrubbers, or improve oil removal efficiency in compact oil-water separators. 

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