Customer Visit– Turkish client visits again


On July 14, 2021, the Turkish customer came to our company again for a field visit, Good quality, loyalty to the integrity of our company has been an important reason to attract foreign customers visit, And so it was with this customer visit, Aite does not surprise people with price, but moves the world with quality!

The department head warmly received the Turkish guest on behalf of the company. After the last contact, we arranged the meticulous reception work quickly this time. Accompanied by head of Turkey clients fully inspected the company's production, let him to our production capacity, research and development ability, management have more detailed understanding, relevant staff to give him our production workshop environment was introduced in detail, the use of the production process and equipment, use effect and relevant knowledge, puts forward various problems for customers, The staff also made a detailed answer, so that customers are very satisfied.

Customer very interested in our products, from the senses and touch the product had the further understanding, through the guidance of the relevant technical personnel, the customer is very careful, professional test to measure the plastic trough type liquid distributor and collector, support grille, etc. Trough liquid distributor is the most important part in the tower, is usually composed of shunt slot (also known as the main channel or first slot), distribution groove (also called sub slot or second slot). The first slot divide the liquid into several
streams through the bottom hole, then the liquid reach the second slot,the second slot distribute the liquid into the packing
layer through the hole channel.The indicators, our products with high quality validation from customer again.

The two visits of foreign customers have given the company a positive boost, One is to strengthen our communication with foreign customers; Second, for our aite quality transfer brand better to the world laid a solid foundation.In the future, we will always adhere to the quality, loyal to the good faith, actively expand the international market, and constantly improve the development!

Post time: Aug-11-2021