How many towers AITE will introduce?

What is mass transfer equipment?

In the process, the two mediums mainly exchange mass, so the equipment that will realize these processes is called mass transfer equipment;

What is distillation tower?

Distillation is mainly used to separate components in the mixture with different volatilities. The concentration of substances with higher volatility in the gas phase is higher than that in the liquid phase, so it becomes distillation by virtue of the process of multiple distillation. The tower equipment that realizes distillation operation is called distillation tower.

What is distillation tower?

Distillation tower is a chemical equipment made of rare metal titanium and its alloy materials, which has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, etc; Therefore, it is widely used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, textile, alkali production, pharmacy, pesticide, electroplating, electronics and other fields.

The function of the distillation tower is mainly to separate mixed liquids. The principle of different liquids under different conditions, such as different temperatures and different volatility (boiling points), is used to separate liquids, so as to achieve purification effect.

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What is extraction tower?

For liquid mixtures with small difference in boiling points between components, it is difficult to use general fractionation methods. At this time, a solvent with high boiling point (called extractant) can be added to the liquid mixture: separate the components in the mixed liquid by taking advantage of their different solubility in extraction. This method is called extraction. The tower equipment for extraction is called extraction tower.

What is a scrubber?

The process of removing useless components or solid dust particles from gas with water is called water washing. Such tower equipment is called washing tower. 

What is a reaction tower?

Reaction refers to the process in which the mixture generates new substances under certain conditions such as temperature and pressure.

What is regeneration tower?

The regeneration process is the process of desorption and regeneration of solution through steam mass transfer and stripping of mixture.

What is a drying tower?

There are two processes for drying solid materials. First, the heat transfer process of heating the solid to gasify the wet part, and then the mass transfer process in which the wet part vapor after gasification diffuses into the gas phase due to its high partial pressure. However, it is a mass transfer process in the material that the wet part is continuously transported from the solid material to the solid surface through diffusion. Therefore, the drying process is characterized by the coexistence of mass and heat transfer processes.

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