Tianjin Chuangju Technology Co., LTD visited in AITE Mass transfer


July 10, 2021,Tianjin Chuangju Technology Co., LTD visited our company, Mr. Xu Zhe, the general manager of the company, the director of the sales department and so on warmly received the customers and accompanied them to visit the exchange

During the period, General manager Mr. Xu Zhe introduced the general situation and development plan of aite mass Transfer Technology Co., LTD to customers, and technical personnel exchanged and discussed the ideas of research and development of the company's products and related technical points with customers .

The customer group visited the production site, production equipment and other aspects. The representative of the company briefly introduced the overall production situation and production layout of the workshop to the visiting customer. The company's production technology, quality products and services, excellent qualification and reputation has been fully determined by customers. Accompanied by the company's leaders and technical personnel, the customer visited the company's production workshop and product exhibition hall, asked about the production and processing issues, and had a clearer understanding of the company's production capacity. Deepened the understanding of Aite transfer from various aspects, and laid a solid foundation for future exchanges and cooperation

After the visit, the customer talked with our company about bilateral cooperation. He said that he was deeply impressed by our company's good working environment, strict quality control, orderly production process and enthusiastic and hardworking staff. In a happy atmosphere, both sides strengthened mutual trust and reached the intention of cooperation.

Finally, the delegation expressed their praise for the comprehensive strength of our company, which brought the investigation to a satisfactory end. We thank you for the recognition and trust of Aite Quality Transmission. Professional technology and persistent efforts are the key to
maintaining a leading position . We also look forward to the in-depth negotiation of cooperation in the next step.

Post time: Aug-11-2021