Oil water separator coalescing Multi layer filter block

Short Description:

Multi-layer Filter Block was recognized a revolutionary coalescing media which can separate oil from water containing suspended particulate.Large surface area makes it very suitable as a biological support media.Each layer’s densely pore distribution and layers’ interlocking will promote small oil free molecular rapidly contacts with lipophilic surface, finally form a big oil droplet.it will large shorten oil & water separating time.The vertical rod’s distribution on the bottom of each layer will speed up oil & water fall off quickly and not create any blocking.Above special design make Multi-layer Filter Block becomes a kind of ideal carrier used in odor-control scrubbers & oil-water separators.

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Technical Parameter

Size mm

Surface area


Drip Points

Bulk Density


Smallest Grid Opening mm

Void ratio


305*305*305 mm



7.5 lb/ft3


87.8 %

40*40*40 mm

612 m2/m3

No data

170 Kg/m3


No data

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HS Code



1: Two Super sacks on Fumigation Pallet

2: 100L plastic woven bag on Fumigation Pallet

3: 500*500*500 mm carton on Fumigation Pallet

4: Upon your requirement

Process Method




Typical Application

1:exhaust odor control,2:Oil-water separation system3:water purification filler biofilm

Production time

7 days against one 20GP container loading quantity

Executive standard

API 421 & EN858-1


Free samples within 500 Grams


Accept EPC turnkey,OEM/OEM,Mold Customization,Installation&Guidance,Test, Entrusted design service etc.

Typical Application

1: Eliminate the need for chemicals in odor-control scrubbers, or improve oil removal efficiency in compact oil-water separators. 

2: Biological filming medium for Aquarium Life Support System in Aquarium

3: Wet scubber tower trickling biofilers 


1: Oil droplet removal efficiency can reach more than 99.98%

2: 432 m²/m³ of effective coalescing surface. Removes over 99.9% of oil droplets 20 microns and larger.

3: Will not be degraded by microorganisms or sulfuric acid

4: The combination of a 90°angle of repose, with round smooth vertical surfaces and 87% void volume provide excellent self-cleaning and anti-plugging properties in oil water separators with heavy sludge, dirt and biological growth loadings.

5: Higher design flow rate of empty tower and smaller equipment size

6: Compared with Plastic structured packing, Avoid capillary action or short flow in porous media

7: Light weight, no equpped with support grid

8: 100%’s bactiria attaching surface acrea, effectively sustain Flora active state

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