Orifice & Trough-Type Liquid Distributors

Short Description:

In order to ensure liquid’s evenly spread on the surface of the packing and improve packing’s use efficiency, Liquid distributor was born. Each distributor consists of a centrally arranged main trough with attached side troughs.Central and side trough form a communicating system that equalize liquid level gradients within the distributor most efficiently. According to different processing demand, Liquid distributor will divide to two types. One is Gravity type. Other is Pressure type. Such as Weir Type distributor, Punching tube distributor, Disk type distributor and so on is depend on two types.

Generally,through Liquid distributor’s evenly spread against liquid, it will largely improve packing’s separation efficiency. However, due to Liquid distributor is belong to customized product,we can design and manufacturer it against different requirement.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1: Suitable distribution point density. The distribution point density should be matched with packing. The larger specific surface area of packing, the precious separation requirements and the larger distribution point density.

2: High operation flexibility and good adaptation. It can be used in various temperature and different corrosive environments.

3: Uniform gas distribution and low resistance. It can supply maximum free interfacial rate to ensure ensure the uniform distribution.

4: Reasonable structure. The structure is easy to fabrication, installation, adjustment and maintenance.

5: Multi-types for choice. Different types and multi-materials for choice to suit different applications and media.


1. Absorption service

2. Stripping & heat transfer service

3. Separation

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