Pall ring 316L Grade Stainless Steel Pall ring random packing 316 LL Pall ring

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Urea grade 316L Pall ring material properties/Pall ring 316Lmod Urea Grade Stainless Steel Pall ring random packing/316 LL/Pall ring


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316mod is modified 316, an improved 316L, which is specially used in the chemical fertilizer urea industry, so it is also called urea grade 316L.Pall ring 316L/316L Metal Pall RingBy adjusting the additive components, the ferrite content in the steel is suppressed to improve the intergranular corrosion resistance and selective corrosion resistance of the steel. Both urea grade stainless steels are subject to Hugh’s test and selective corrosion test.316L Metal Pall Ring

Pall ring 316L/316L Metal Pall RingIt was invented by German BASF, the first generation Plastic Random packing. To compared with Raschig ring,the most important improvement is increase two row of inward ligule. It (Pall ring 316L)promotes liquid-gas liquidity and improve tower’s packign’s mass transfer performance.

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