S-corrugation water-spraying fill

Short Description:

It was designed by China Institue of Water Resource and Hydropower Research.S wave cooling tower fills has trapezoidal “s” wave design, which increases the closure number of water film, and makes the water film redistribute repeatedly as well as tending to be more uniform.increase the vertical convex retention corrugations, and promote the horizontal diffusivity of water film. It extends the time for heat and mass transfer and improves the cooling effect. Several pieces of fills are connected with each other, forming honeycomb passages, which prevents contaminants from blocking. It is widely used for counter-flow cooling tower in industrial area and cement cooling tower with hyperbolic curve in power plant.The adaptive temperature is 68℃ – minus 35℃, the flame retardation performance is good, and the oxygen index is higher than or equal to 40℃.

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Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter




Sheet size


Distance of two sheets


Sheet Thickness


Assemble way



-35-85 ℃

1000*500 mm




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HS Code



Be tied by plastic rope & stacked on wooden pallet

Process Method

High temperature roll forming


PVC,Modified PVC.

Typical Application

industrial counterflow cooling tower, and power plant hyperbolic cement cooling tower.

Production time

7 days against one 20GP container loading quantity

Executive standard

NDGJ88-89 or refer to your detailed requirement


Free samples within 500 Grams


Accept EPC turnkey,OEM/OEM,Mold Customization,Installation&Guidance,Test, Entrusted design service etc.

Typical Application

1: It is installed in the cooling tower, so that there is sufficient contact between water and air, and has a filler with a heat and mass conversion surface.

2: Suitable in Cross flow square cooling tower


The film spacing is large and the unit volume is light, which can prevent contaminants from clogging. The water-gas contact area is large, the process is long, and the lateral diffusion ability is strong, which makes the water film distribution more uniform. The assembly weight is light and the load strength is high.

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