Team Management 6S

Scope: This procedure is applicable to all areas of the company for all staff.

6s : Sort / Set in Order / Sweep / Standardize / Sustain/ Safety

212 (5)

Sort: Separate the useful and useless materials.  Move the unnecessary things away from the workplace, centralize and classify them to be identified and managed,  so that the work site is neat and beautiful,Then staff can work in a comfortable environment.  

Set in order : In the work site needs of things to be quantitative, fixed point and identification, stored in the need to be able to get the place at any time, so that can reduce the time wasted by looking for items.

212 (6)

Sweep: To make the workplace without garbage, dirt, the equipment without dust, oil, that is, will be sorted out, rectified things to be used to be often cleaned, to maintain the state of use at any time, this is the first purpose. The second purpose is to see, touch, smell, and hear in the process of cleaning to discover the source of the abnormality and improve it." To clean up ”is to clean up the surface and the inside.

Standardize: Will be sorted out Sort ,Set in order, sweep after sweeping gives maintain, more important is to want to find out root and give eliminate. For example, the source of dirt in the workplace, the leakage point of oil pollution in the equipment, the loosening of the equipment, etc.


Sustain: Is to participate in the sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning work, maintain a neat, clean working environment, in order to do a good job in this work and the development of the relevant standards for everyone to abide by, we can develop the habit of abiding by the standard.

Safety: Is the workplace will cause the source of safety accidents (ground oil, corridor blockage, safety door is blocked, fire extinguisher failure, materials and finished products piled up too high risk of collapse, etc.) to eliminate or prevent.

November 26, 2020,Fire drill. Fire drill is an activity to enhance people's awareness of safety and fire prevention, so that everyone can further understand and master the process of fire treatment, and improve the coordination and cooperation ability in the process of dealing with emergencies. Enhance personnel's awareness of mutual rescue and self-rescue in fire, and clarify the duties of fire prevention chief and volunteer firefighters in fire.